Welcome to the Urban Key events group

Alicia Brown

Founder and CEO

Alicia Brown is the founder and creator of The Urban Key Events Group, an event platform and community group that targets African-American millennial consumers across the country.

While visiting various cities through both her personal and business travels, Alicia found it challenging to find activities targeted toward her demographic, which left her feeling isolated.Utilizing her background in the areas of marketing, events, advertising, and consumer engagement, Alicia developed and created an interactive cultural hub where the user experience includes event sharing, restaurant listings, original programming though The Urban Key TV (interviews, comedy, and music) and interactive engagement amongst community members.

“I want people to be inspired to experience life, and feel connected to something bigger than themselves” said Alicia when discussing The Urban Key. “There’s so much to uncover in the world and I want to be a part of someone’s first memory. I want to be able to say I helped to curate that experience.”

Outside of her commitment to The Urban Key Events Group, Alicia enjoys all things food and admits that she would visit a new restaurant daily if given the opportunity. Alicia is also a lover of politics and civic engagement, and she is an advocate for mental health awareness and support .To add to her list of credentials, Alicia is a graduate of Southern Illinois University Carbondale where she majored in Radio Television.

"The Urban Key has provided me with a platform that allows one to be creative without limits and freedom of speech."

Paris Taylor